Sunday, March 20, 2011

JumbaFund might be dead forever

JumbaFund's Channel
Its been 7 months since the last video of JumbaFund. JumbaFund or "Kevin Wu" promise a video at least every month. But he has not yet made a video for 7 months. But his main channel "kevjumba" is always being updated with videos. But he always logs in to his jumbafund account. But i dont know why ho logs in to his jumbafund account yet he does not upload any videos. So i made a theory that he is doing that so that. More people will look and check for his channel for any new video (which he has not done yet). So that he will get more views. And also if u notice he's latest video "Summer" has over 1,500,000 views. Well thats my theory why Jumba fund does not make any more videos. (Link to his channel here)

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