Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Im done

Google assense disable my account becasue of "Page type" whatever that is. Well im done with this blogging stuff i only did it becasue i thought i'll get famouse and make money out of it. Well at least my youtube account is famous check it out its 0Carlos70 Click here to see. In other words im done with blogger so peace out. Ps. Maybe i'll blog about something soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AGH Electric bill is to high

My electric bill is to high this month. That really sucks for me. I guess i have to turn of a lot of my lights at night. Ant ill try to sleep without air condition today as well.So that the bill price will go down next month

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to get free meals at MC DONALD'S

Watch the video below to know how to get free MC Donalds.

Selena Gomez's naked picture is a fake

Selena Gomez

The nude picture of her (As written in my blog). Is fake. According to my sources. Her nude picture is just a edited pic to make it look like her. So basically its not her its just someone else who made it look like her. And if it was really her picture then it would spread and be all over the web by now. You can check the picture by clicking here

JumbaFund might be dead forever

JumbaFund's Channel
Its been 7 months since the last video of JumbaFund. JumbaFund or "Kevin Wu" promise a video at least every month. But he has not yet made a video for 7 months. But his main channel "kevjumba" is always being updated with videos. But he always logs in to his jumbafund account. But i dont know why ho logs in to his jumbafund account yet he does not upload any videos. So i made a theory that he is doing that so that. More people will look and check for his channel for any new video (which he has not done yet). So that he will get more views. And also if u notice he's latest video "Summer" has over 1,500,000 views. Well thats my theory why Jumba fund does not make any more videos. (Link to his channel here)


its 11:46 pm here and i cant sleep. Even do i want to. I gotta fix my body clock cause i always sleep at 2-3 am.. I know that its not healthy. I just cant help myself. To many good movies at night and alot of nice stuff to watch at youtube. I really got to fix that.

Just Chilling in my house

Nothing to do so im just using my computer. And going facebook and blogging stuff thats all.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Its 2:14 am and theres nothing to do :| . So i decided to just blog about it and hope to get views :D

Karen Rodriguez eliminated from american idol

Karen Rodriguez was eliminated from the latest episode of American Idol. She got eliminated at the top. 13 of American Idol. 

Karen Rodriguez


I was just googling stuff then i saw selena gomez's naked picture. Im not sure if it is real or not. But according to Selena Gomez it is fake. But did u ever wonder that she just said that to make people stop looking and searching for her naked picture, well i did (Just saying) . So for all u people that are curios about it, Go click here (For the nude picture).

What is podocot??!?

When i was in Youtube. And watching music videos and stuff everybody keep saying they did this on podocot and they talk about this on podocot. I have no idea what podocot is. I googled it and made an account but i cant find any celeb are what they are talking. So basically i have no idea what podocot is.  

R.I.P Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg died March 15, 201. I know that im only talking about it now even do he died almost a week ago. I only heard about his death 3 days ago from the song "All Doggs Go To Heaven (R.I.P. Nate Dogg) by Game".
Im just hear to pay my respect to him. So rest in peace Nate Dogg i hope your in heaven right now and god bless you.  


Its finally summer here in the Philippines. Theres so many things to do but i dont know where to start.  I know that im going to Australia on may. But thats all i know. I guess ill just go out with my friends and to stuff. I'll probably blog about it if i do something interesting anyway. Anyway in general its summer and im really happy and exited to do intersting things.

Going to Australia on may

Im going to Australia on may with my family. Not sure yet when but im going there for sure. Im just going to stay in Sydney for a week thats all. But i know it will be fun going there.

First blog and introduction

Hello Im Carlos Adorable from the Philippines. This is my first blog and the first blog i have ever made so don't criticize my blogging skills. Ill also do this more often and ill blog about random things. Dont know yet what to blog about. But when i do ill blog about it. So whoever is reading this ill see you soon with another blog.